Will you let yourself be replaced by a robot?

Today I was browsing my old blog posts and I remembered that I’ve written about LifeNaut, a system of A.I. that learns with your help how to be just like you.

We know that robots are already taking jobs away from humans who do automated tasks because they do it more precisely, faster and cheaper. But they are getting smarter, being able to analyze a large amount of data and make hard decisions for us based on statistics.

Why do you have to worry

It’s a matter of time until androids start doing things that we thing they would never do – or not as efficient as humans, but there is already a tool to calculate how likely you are of losing your job for a machine. If you think about the past years, we needed to learn how to use computers and smartphones to keep up with most of the jobs in our fields. Do you know any architect who doesn’t know how to use AutoCAD or a designer who never used Photoshop? Me neither.

They are here to satisfy you

It may sound like science fiction, but some humans give more attention to their metal and glass devices than to themselves. The number of people being killed because of the misuse of smartphones are rising and it makes us think how them became so crucial in our lives. We all know someone who immediately change their humor if their gadgets run out of battery.

Another thing that is scaring the hell out of me is how complex artificial intelligence is getting. The algorithms are connecting the dots of what you like, what you watch, what you write and even where you go to deliver content that you may be interest of. No one knows you better than your smartphone and it can be very pleasant or very creepy.

How to survive to the robot uprise

New technologies arrive everyday for some good and we must know how rule them. They are far from making a machine as complex as we are and that gives us time to get more advantages. We are able to make decisions based not only on numbers and data, but we have the ability to feel empathy and love for our specie.

Skilled workers in Japan are being reintegrated to their jobs taken by robots because they weren’t programmed for just some tasks. My best advice is: don’t became a dinosaur.